Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Translating Algebraic Phrases


In this topic, we will learn how we can translate algebraic phrases. This lesson requires you to know the basic math terms such as sum, difference, product, and quotient. It is also very important that you translate these phrases in the correct order because the order you solve these can affect your answer. So now that you know the basics about this topic, let's start!

Translating Algebraic Phrases

  • The sum of a number and two
The above expression is a verbal algebraic expression. In order to translate this, we need to first highlight a few key terms that will help us later on.

  • The sum of a number and two
  1. We know that sum is the same thing as addition, so we can write + for sum.
  2. The key term 'a number' could be any number that we don't know. In algebra, we can replace this term with a variable. I will be using the variable 'n'.
  3. The key term 'and' is there to show that we will be combining the variable and the number together.
  4. The number two shows us that we will be adding the variable n to the number 2.
So from all of this information, we know that the algebraic expression can be translated to the following expression:

  • The sum of a number and two  TRANSLATED n+2 OR 2+n
Remember that in addition and multiplication, the order doesn't matter but in subtraction and division it does.

So that is it for this topic. Remember that as long as you understand and evaluate the key terms, you can always translate any algebraic expression!

Sheet 1 Translating Algebraic Phrases

Sheet 2 Translating Algebraic Phrases

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