Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Define Factors


Factorization is a process in which you take a composite whole number and break it down to find its factors. Factorization does include division and also multiplication as well. That is, by the way, good practice!

Definition of Factors

Factors are numbers you multiply to get another number.

You can always divide a number to find its factors as well.

Try it Out...

Let's say that we have to find the factors of the number 16. 
The first step is to divide 16 by the smallest number. The smallest whole number is 1. So, we now have 16/1=16. Since 16 is divisible by 1, 1 is a factor of 16. Keep in mind that the number we multiplied 1 by to get 16 is also a factor. So that means that both 1 and 16 are factors. 

Now that we have our first pair of factors, let's continue.

The next number is 2. So, if we divide 16/2=8 we now know that 2 and 8 are also factors of the number 16.


According to the rules we are following to find the factors of 16, here is the complete list of factors for the number 16:


1, 2, 4, 8, 16

Sheet 1 What are Factors

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