Thursday, July 17, 2014

Decimals by Decimals Division


In this topic we will discuss the method to dividing a decimal by a decimal. This is a very easy topic as long as you know your decimal place values. So let's get going!

Decimal Division

Let's say that we have the problem 2.55/1.5
The first step is to make the divisor into a whole number. In order to do that, we need to move the decimal point in 1.5 from left to right as many times as we can so that 1.5 becomes a whole number:

1.5 moved 1 place from left to right becomes 15.
We have to do the same thing to the dividend: move it one place from left to right:
2.55 becomes 25.5

Now, we'll just do some simple division:

-    15
-     105

That means that the quotient of 2.55/1.5 equals 1.7!

Sheet 1 Decimal by Decimal Division

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