Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Estimating Sums and Differences

Key Terms

Before we get any further into this topic, let's review a few 'must-know' key terms:

Estimating is just a educated 'math guess' we make in order to change numbers so they are easier for us to calculate.

Sum is just the answer to an addition problem.

Difference is just the answer to a subtraction problem

And is just to combine our title!

'Estimating Sums and Differences'


Now that we know our key terms, let's get started!

Let's say we have a problem such as the following:


We have to estimate the numbers to the nearest hundreds place and then add to get our estimated sum.


The sum of our estimated numbers 7,800+6,600 equals 14,400.
That means...
The estimated sum, to the nearest hundred, for 7,786+6,629=14,400!

 Sheet 1 How to Estimate the Sums and Differences

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