Friday, July 18, 2014

Reducing Fractions to Simplest Forms


In this post we will learn how to reduce fractions to their simplest forms. In order to do this we will use the division. It is important to divide both the numerator and denominator by the same number in order to get the simplest form of that fraction. So let's get going!

Reducing Fractions

Let's say that we have the fractions 12/36

We have to divide by a compatible number that goes into both of the numbers evenly. As we all know, both 12 and 36 are even numbers. So how about we try the number 2!

  12       divided by 2         6          divided by 2    3         divided by 3    1  
  36                                 18                                 9                                3

The fraction 1/3 can longer be simplified, so that means we have our answer!

The fraction 12/36 reduced to its simplest forms is equal to 1/3!

 Sheet 1 Reducing Fractions to Simplest Forms

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