Saturday, July 19, 2014

Adding Money

Money Money Money

In our everyday lives we use money to buy so many things. But what we may not realize is that every time we make a purchase we are using math! In this lesson we will use a real life problem and learn how we add money in our everyday lives. So let's get going!

Toy Store

Bella has been saving and she now has a total of $250. She wants to go to the toy store and buy a new game for her X-Box that costs $36.50. While at the toy store, she saw a doll that her sister really wanted. She bought the doll for $24.57. She also bought a remote control car for her brother that cost her $15.99. What was the the total amount of money that Bella spent at the Toy Store? What was her change?

X-Box Game $36.50
Doll $24.57
RC Car $15.99

Total $77.06

$250 minus $77.06  equals  $172.94

That means that Bella spent a total of $77.06 and got $172.94 as her change!

Sheet 1 How to Add Money

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