Wednesday, July 16, 2014

How to Find L.C.M by Prime Factorization Method


There's a lot of ways to find the LCM of a number but in this lesson I am going to be teaching you how to find LCM with prime factors. Now to do that you will have to make prime factorization trees for the two numbers. So lets take the two numbers 4 and 8 and lets make two trees:

                               4                          8
                            2 x 2                     2 x 4
                                                           2 x 2
So the factors for each numbers are :
4= 2 x 2
8= 2 x 2 x 2 
So to find the LCM all we have to do is find the first common factor which is 2 so the LCM of the two numbers 4 and 8 is 2.
Now try some of these and make sure to watch the video on YouTube.

Sheet 1 LCM by Prime Factorization Method

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