Friday, June 6, 2014

Performing Addition and Subtraction in Algebraic Expression


In doing algebraic expressions you will come across addition and subtraction and that is nothing else but normal addition and subtraction as you always do (which I am pretty sure everyone knows how to do : )
One thing you need to know is that you will always perform the addition subtraction according to to what comes first from left to right. So for example if you get the expression 6+6-7+5-5 first you will solve addition and the first addition problem is 6+6 and that will be 12, then we write the expression as 12-7+5-5.You do subtraction next so first is 12-7 equals 5. Now we are left with
5+5-5. 5+5 is 10-5 is 5. So we get an answer of 5!


Now try some of these, and make sure to watch the video on YouTube.

Sheet 1 Practice Problems on Addition and Subtraction in Algebraic Expressions

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