Monday, June 9, 2014

How to Add Mixed Numbers


To add mixed number you have to first convert them into improper fractions to add the fractions.
So for example if we get the mixed numbers 5 6/7 + 4 3/4 the first thing we will do is make them improper and the improper fractions will be 41/7 + 19/4 so now we will add them and to add fractions we will have to make the denominators the same so we know that both 7 and 4 share the common multiple which is 28. And now we have to multiply the numerators by the same number we used to find the denominator.
The new fractions will be 164/28 + 133/28 and so our final answer will be 297/28 and to finish it of we have to make it into a mixed number and the mixed number form will be 10 61/100.
Now try some of these and make sure to watch the video on YouTube.

Sheet 1 Practice Problems on Adding Mixed Numbers

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