Thursday, June 12, 2014

How to Add the Volume of Two Shapes


In our previous post, we talked about calculating the formula of solid shapes using the formula of l*w*h. Well, this post is pretty much similar to that post because we'll still have to calculate the volume but we'll also have to do addition to add the volume of two solid figures. So let's get going!

Try It Out!

Let's say that we have two cubes. Here are the dimensions:
Cube 1: 6x6x6
Cube 2: 9x9x9
First, we have to multiply to find the volume:
Cube 1: 216 to the power of 3
Cube 2: 729 to the power of 3
Now, all you have to do is add the two volumes together:
216+729=945 to the power of 3
Therefore, the combined volume of the two cubes is 945 to the power of 3.

Your Turn...

Solve the following problem step by step:

Combine the two volumes:
Cube: 4x4x4
Rectangular Prism: 5x9x3

 Sheet 1 Addition of Volume 

Sheet 2 How to Add Volume of 3 Dimensional Shapes

Sheet 3 Practice Problems on Volume

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