Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Dividing Unit Fractions by Non-Zero Whole Numbers


To divide Unit fractions by non-zero whole numbers is a pretty big title which can make you irritated. But actually you first know that unit fractions are fractions of a part and non-zero whole numbers are simple numbers except zero.
So for example you will get problems like 1/5 / 6.To do this you will first have to add a 1 under the whole number to make it a fraction. Next you will have to turn the whole number fraction upside down to make it 1/6 and now we will simply multiply the fractions.So 1/5 / 6/1 will turn into
1/5 / 1/6 then that will turn into 1/5 x 1/6 and our answer will be 1/30.
Now try some of these and make sure to watch the video on YouTube.

Sheet 1 Practice Problems on Division of Unit Fractions and Non-Zero Whole Numbers

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