Tuesday, June 10, 2014

How to Estimate Products of Fractions and Mixed Numbers


Estimating the products of fractions and mixed numbers is just like estimating the sums an differences of fractions and mixed numbers. Actually, it's much more easier! The reason behind that is that in multiplication, you don't even have to worry about denominators-you just simply multiply! So, let's get started!

Try It Out!

Let's say that we have 2 5/7 x 4/9.
First, we'll round 2 5/7.
Remember that 2 will remain as it is for now and we'll round 5/7 to either 0,1/2, or 1. 5/7 is closer to 1. That means we have 2 5/7 equals 3.
Next, we'll round 4/9, which is closer to 1/2.
 That means we now have 3 x 1/2=3/1x1/2=3/2=1 1/2. That means that the estimated product of 2 5/7x4/9 equals 1 1/2. Wasn't that a piece of apple pie?!
Sheet 1 Practice Problems on Multiplying Fractions and Mixed Numbers

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