Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tips and Tricks on Doing Mental Multiplication


In this chapter you will learn some tips and tricks on doing mental math multiplication.You will learn how to break apart the problem and get the product easily with out getting confused, especially with large numbers!

For doing mental math we also recommend you revising your multiplication tables from 1 to 20.
For example if we get a problem like 30x5x2 we will break apart the problem to for us to understand it better , so now we can do 30x2 first and get 60 then we can do 60x2 and since we know 6x2=12 all we have to do is add  a zero to 12 and make that a 120. To understand this topic better I suggest watching the video

And trying some of these:
 Sheet 1 How to do Mental Multiplication

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