Tuesday, April 8, 2014



Hi guys! Welcome to Bro and Sis Math Club with Ali and Rida! We're two kids from Charlotte who make videos on YouTube related to mathematics. So far, we have finished 5th grade math, 6th grade math, and 7th grade math videos. We follow the Common Core curriculum and show step by step procedures in each video to give a clear understanding of the math concept. To learn more about each of us, keep reading! 


My name is Rida. I am 12 years old and currently in 8th grade. As to my interests and hobbies, I'm a huge reader! If I find any book, I'll pick it up and start reading until someone doesn't snap me out of it! I'm also outgoing because I enjoy doing things such as: kayaking, canoeing, hiking, going on long drives with my family, being outside on a nice day, and many other things that are escaping my mind right now! I also have a passion for doing math. Ever since I can even remember, I have always enjoyed learning and practicing math. For some reason, math is something that comes to me naturally-I really don't need to do anything to understand it. I can always figure it out because math always has some method and logic to it, and I understand it very clearly. That is, by the way, one of the reasons my brother and I started this blog in the first place! So, to get away from all the math-talk, that is pretty much all you need to know about me for now, but I am sure you'll more through our videos! :)



My name is Najaf, but my friends call me by my last name which is Ali. I am 13 years old and I am in 8th grade just like my sister. I like playing video games and watching TV. My favorite sport is playing soccer. My hobbies are doing water sports. Out of all of those I am most fascinated with math. ''Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas'' a quote from Albert Einstein is one way to look at math. So I figure without math, the human race has no way to think up calculations! 


  1. Hello Rida and Najaf - I had to write to you to tell you how impressed I am with your blog. Not only do you do an amazing job of explaining the math but you also show a great ability to use technology. I am a 7th grade math teacher who has been teaching for 25 years. My students are going to be getting their own laptops next year, so every child in my classroom will come to me with a computer. Since this is a new endeavor, I am looking for fun and creative ways to incorporate the technology into my classroom. I think I have found just the thing with your blog. I have always been a firm believer in the idea that students learn so much from each other. Being the age you are, I believe that by incorporating your videos into my classes, my students will feel as though they are learning from their peers. Not only that, you will be great role models for my students by showing that no matter what age you are you have the ability to create something that others are interested in. As we get more comfortable with the technology, I would love to have my students post comments, questions, and ideas to the two of you. I thank you for sharing your knowledge and creations with us.

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  3. Excellent job done by both of you. It is really amazing to see your hardwork and interest in mathematics.
    I hope it will motivate other kids to have good interest in this subject.
    Best of Luck

  4. I am in 5th grade and I have seen loads of your videos and they are very helpful

  5. Do you have a indiegogo or something? I want to donate to you guys as a thank you for the good service you are doing.

  6. I am a precalculus student from Edmonton Alberta Canada and I must thank you for posting the video about multiplying large numbers. Your video and method are very clear and helpful. Thank you and keep up the good work!