Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Learn How to Estimate Products


In this lesson, you will learn how to estimate products. Now, estimating means making an educated math guess to get your answer. To estimate the product means to make an educated math guess on the numbers in your problem to get an answer to a multiplication problem. Easy, right?!

Now that you have an idea of what this lesson is about, let's take a look at an example to understand it better. Trust me, it's easy as ABC's!


Let's say that we have a problem such as 22*36. The first thing we need to do is that we have to estimate the numbers 22 and 36. Since 22 is less than 25, we will round it to 20. And since 36 is greater than 35, we will round it to 40. Now comes the easy part: Just multiply your estimated numbers 20*40. If you are finding this part a little tricky, which is okay, than just remove the zeros, and multiply 2*4 which equals 8. Now just simply add the two zeros you had removed. That means that the estimated product of 22*36 equals 800. 

I know that the above steps seem like a lot of stuff, but it is really simple once you have had enough practice. So, why not try some of these out?!

 Sheet 1 Practice Problems Estimating Products

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