Friday, April 4, 2014

Identifying Tenths and Hundredths


To find your way through tenths and hundredths, you need to learn that tenths and hundredths are simply parts broken into place values of decimals. Tenths is the first place value after the decimals point and hundredths is the second place value after the decimals point. These place values can also be written as fractions. 5 tenths is the same thing as 5/10. 6 hundredths is the same thing as 6/100.

You can turn the place values into fractions by using the number on the right side of the decimal point  and putting that on top of the line (make that a numerator) and you take the decimal point and make that a one and then count each digit after the point and put the same number of zeros after the one. These digits will become the denominators.
.43 ( 43 hundredths)
Numerator: 43
Denominator: 100

 To understand it better, I suggest watching the video

Then trying some of these:

Sheet 1 Identifying Tenths and Hundredths

Sheet 2 Practice Problems for Identifying Tenths and Hundredths

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