Saturday, April 5, 2014

How to Compare and Order Decimals


In the last post, we talked about Identifying Decimal Place Value and we also skipped into comparing decimals. If you understood that, then this topic should be a piece of cake for you!!

Let's Get Started

Even though we talked about comparing decimals in the last post, let's just review it one more time.

Comparing Decimals:

When comparing decimals, take a look at the digits on the right side of the decimal point. Those digits are the decimals. Then, just compare by determining which digit is larger in value.
 Easy, right?!

Ordering Decimals:

As you can already assume, ordering decimals is pretty much like comparing decimals. This is because comparing is the key point in ordering decimals. First, you compare the decimals to determine the least and the greatest decimal values. Then, you can order the decimals in least to greatest OR greatest to least order.

 Sheet 1 Practice Problems on Comparing and Ordering Decimals

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