Monday, April 21, 2014

Multiplying Two Decimals


In this chapter you will learn how to multiply two decimals and this might be a little complicated to some of you but it's actually pretty simple. First of all, whenever you are multiplying decimals the first thing you would do is just simply multiply the numbers.
For example if you have the problem 6.7*2.3 the first thing you would do is simply multiply so:
Now all you have to do move the decimal point in 1541 (which is at the end) from right to left (decrease) as many places as the number of digits after the decimals in 6.7 and 2.3 There are only 2 digits after the decimals so 1541 will become 15.41
The product of 6.7*2.3 equals 15.41.
To understand this topic better I suggest you watch the video

And try some of these:

Sheet 1 Practice Problems on Multiplying Two Decimals


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