Monday, April 21, 2014

Multiplying Decimals by Thousands and Larger Numbers


In this post, we're just going to teach you some basic rules of multiplying decimals by thousands and then we'll jump into some multiplication of more complex numbers. Don't worry, it's really easy!

Let's Get Started!

So, let's start with multiplying decimals by thousands. 
Let's say that we have 2.4 and we have to multiply that by 1,000. The first thing that you will do is put this in proper format:
Next thing to do, is that you have to count the number of zeros in 1,000. We all know that 1,000 has 3 zeros.
Now, all you have to do is move the decimal point 3 places from left to right.


Left to Right: Increases Value

Right to Left:  Decreases Value  

Therefore, 2.4 will become 2400 OR 2,400.
Wasn't that easy!

Moving On... 

So, now that you know how to multiply decimals by thousands, let's move on to larger numbers.
Let's say we have 6.3 and we have to multiply that by 10,000. Now remember these steps:
  1. Place in Proper Format
  2. Count the Number of Zeros
  3. Move the Decimal Point from Left To Right the Amount of Zeros that you Count.
So now we have:
  • 6.3x10,000
  • 4 Zeros
  • 63,000 OR 63,000.

Sheet 1 Practice Problems on Multiplying Decimals




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