Sunday, April 20, 2014

Dividing Two Digits Divisors by Multiples of Tens


In a previous post, we talked about divisors of tens (multiples of ten). This topic is similar except this time you will confront multiples of ten as dividends. So what are you waiting for, keep going!

Moving on...

The types of problems that you will see in this topic will be similar to this: 100/24. To solve this, all you do is simple division! Let's try it out!

Let's try it out!

So, if we look back at our example, 100/24, we can go ahead and solve it together! The first thing that you do is put this in proper format:

Now solve the problem!

100= 4.167 OR 4.17

Now wasn't that easy! If you think so, then try some of these out too!

 Sheet 1 Practice Problems on Dividing by Multiples of Ten

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