Sunday, April 27, 2014

How to Estimate Decimal Quotient


Learning how to estimate decimal quotients may seem like hard work compared to the size of the title but this chapter is rather simple. Its when you are dividing decimals that you will come across large numbers and it is better to just estimate rather than work your brains off trying to divide!
For example if you get a problem like 63.99/15.89 the first step you would want to do is estimate the numbers after the decimal point. So 63.99 will be rounded off to 64 since .99 is greater than .50, and 15.89 will be rounded off to 16 since .89 is greater than .50. And now we know that since our problem is 64/16 the answer will be 4 since 16x4=64.
To understand this topic better I suggest watching the video

And trying some of these:

Sheet 1 Estimating Decimal Quotients

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