Monday, April 21, 2014

How to Estimate and Divide larger Numbers


This chapter will teach how to estimate larger numbers so that you can divide them easily. This will be helpful because some times you come across large numbers to divide and you may get confused.

 So for example if you get a number like 7483/15 the first thing you do is estimate the number 7483 to large number that 15 can evenly go into. Since 83 in 7483 is greater than 50 the number 483 will be rounded to 500 making 7483 turn into 7500 which 15 can easily go into. So 7500/15 will be 500 since 15x5=75. So 15x500=7500.
To understand this topic better I suggest you watch the video...And try some of these:

 Sheet 1 Practice Problems on Dividing with Larger Numbers

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