Thursday, April 17, 2014

How to Estimate Quotients with Two Digit Divisors


The most important thing when estimating quotients with two digit divisors is that you have to keep in mind to round the divisor and the dividend. That means that you have to estimate these numbers to the nearest ten or hundred. Let's take a look at an example to understand it better!

Moving on... 

Well, let's say that we have a problem such as 432/24 and we have to estimate its quotient. Remember, we need to estimate to tens or hundreds. In this case, we have to estimate to the nearest ten. So, that means that 432 will be estimated to 430 and 24 will be estiamted to 20. Now we have 430/20. All we do now is divide!
430 = 21.5 or about 22.

To check our estimation, we can always go back to our original problem: 432/24, and find out the actual answer. Then, we'll be able to see if our estimate is reasonable ro not.
------- =18

18 and 22 are reasonable because if we round them to the nearest ten, then they both would equal 20. Therefore, our answers are reasonable! Wasn't that easy!

Sheet 1 Practice Problems on Dividing with Two Digit Divisors

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