Monday, September 1, 2014

Variables and Coefficients


In this lesson, we will learn about variables and coefficients in algebraic equations.

Key Terms:
  • Equations show that two things are the same or equal using the equal sign "="
  • Variables are lower case letters used in algebraic equations to replace an unknown number
  • Coefficients are used in equations to multiply variables

Parts of Equations

Solving Algebraic Equations

Let's take a look at the above equation.

3n + 9

In order to solve the equation, we need to find what the variable "n" is. Let's say that n is equal to 17.

So, that means we have to multiply 3 x 17 is 51. Now just add 51 + 9 = 60.

The answer to the algebraic equation 3n + 9 is equal to 60.

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