Monday, September 1, 2014

Subtraction of Integers


In our previous post we reviewed the addition of integers. Well, subtraction of integers is pretty much the same concept because you are still handing integers except this lesson will deal with subtraction.

Key Points:
  • Integers are distributed in 2 categories: positives and negatives
  • Integers are whole numbers
  • Zero is neither a positive or negative number
 Figure 1 Subtraction of Integers Number Line

Subtraction of Integers

Let's say that we have the following problem:

-7 - 9

The above problem is telling us that we have -7 and we have go back 9 spaces like this:
So as you can see the point of doing -7-9 is to go back -9 spaces or 9 spaces back from the number -7 and so the answer is going to be -17.
I highly recommend to practice this and do so with number lines and later on you will get how to do it and you will easily know how to without the number line!

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