Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Graphing Absolute Value Functions - Agebra I

In this video, you will learn how to graph absolute value functions. Absolute value is the distance of an number from 0 in a number line. The absolute value of any number is always positive. When graphing absolute value functions, keep in mind that the graph will not be a straight line like in linear functions. Instead, the line will look curved and bent. Before you graph an absolute value function, it is important to find all the coordinates. In the chart shown in the video, the x values of six coordinates have been listed. As for the y values, there is a function given: y = Ix - 5I. In order to find the y values, you have to plug in the value of x into the function, and then find the absolute value of the answer that you get. Once you have all your values, graph them to get your final answer. Thanks for watching this video, and hit like and subscribe for more videos every week!


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