Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Direct Variation - Algebra I

Direct Variation - Algebra I

In this video, you will learn about direct variation. Direct variation is the relationship between two variables that is consistent. In most examples of direct variation, you will be given the values of the two variables, and asked to find the value of one of the variables, when the other variable equals a quantity. In order to find that value, you must use the formula for direct variation. The formula is y=kx, in which y and x are the two variables, and k is the constant of variation. The constant of variation is the ratio of variation between the two variables that is constant for all values. To find the constant of variation, substitute the values given for x and y into the formula. Once you have the constant of variation, substitute into the formula with the third given value to find its varying value. Thanks for watching this video, and please subscribe for weekly videos!

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